Disciplinary Committee no.2016-17/035 Decision

2016.12.15. 12:50 |
The Disciplinary Committee investigated the MOL League game MOL 143 (Dunaujvarosi Acelbikak – Fehervari Titanok), where after 58 minutes Tamas LADAY (Fehervari Titanok) was penalized 25 minutes(MATCH). The Committee made the following conclusions:
The player in the 58th minutes of the match, hit an opponent with his stick between his legs.

IIHF rule book RULE 159 – SLASHING

DEFINITION: A player who swings his stick, with one hand or two, at any part of an opponent’s body or equipment. Contact to the opponent is not necessary for the penalty to be assessed. A player who lifts his stick between an opponent’s legs for the purpose of making contact with the groin will be assessed either a major penalty and game-misconduct penalty or a match penalty.

The player of Fehervari Titanok hit the opponent player’s sensitive body part, without the intention to acquire the puck.

The Disciplinary Commitee approve the referee’s judgement, and do not use other sanctions. Tamas LADAY was imposed Match Penalty (MATCH) during the game.


A match penalty carries with it an automatic (and minimum) one-game suspension. Tamas LADAY will skip the next MOL Liga match of his team.