Disciplinary Committee no.2016-17/041 decision

2017.01.01. 14:19 |
The Disciplinary Committee investigated the MOL League game MOL 160 (Ferencvarosi TC – Sport Club Csikszereda) where Akos KISS of Ferencvarosi TC was being penalized 20 minutes for unsportsmanlike behavior (GA-MI). The Disciplinary Committee made the following conclusion:
The player criticized the referee's action in a vulgar and unsportsmenlike tone, he swore and insulted the referee with an ethnic prejudice.


DEFINITION: A player or team official who commits a violation of the rules pertaining to sportsmanship, fair play, and respect. Misconduct Penalty - If a violation is flagrant or if a player continues his unsportsmanlike conduct, he may be assessed a misconduct penalty.

Match Penalty - A player or team official who threatens, makes racial or ethnic slurs, spits, smears blood, or makes sexual remarks to any person will be assessed a match penalty. According to the Disciplinary Comitee, the player behaved unsportsmenlikely against the referee. National, ethnic or racist insulting of any participants of the hockey musn't be part of the game.

The MOL League's Disciplinary Committee will continue to penalty the participants, who question the integrity of referees, insults, threatening arise against them, or make any physical contact with them, with the most stringent sanctions.

The Disciplinary Commitee suspends Akos KISS, the Ferencvarosi TC player for 2 MOL League matches.

The player will sit down his sentence at the next MOL League or Hungarian Cup matches.