Disciplinary Committee no.2016-17/046 decision

2017.01.20. 15:12 |
The Disciplinary Committee investigated the MOL League game MOL 192 (Dunaujvarosi Acelbikak – ASC Corona Brasov) where Garrett CLARKE player of ASC Corona Brasov was being penalized 10+20 minutes for unsportsmanlike behavior (MISC, GAMI) and penalized 25 minutes match penalty (MATCH). The Committee made the following conclusions:
In the 52th minutes, after a penalty the player of ASC Corona Brasov criticized the referee's judgement in unsportsmenlike tone. After which he thratened the referee in a vulgar tone.


DEFINITION: A player or team official who commits a violation of the rules pertaining to sportsmanship, fair play, and respect.

Misconduct Penalty - If a violation is flagrant or if a player continues his unsportsmanlike conduct, he may be assessed a misconduct penalty.

Game-Misconduct Penalty - A player or team official who uses obscene, profane, or abusive language directed to any person on the ice or anywhere in the rink for which he has already been assessed a minor or bench-minor penalty will be assessed a game-misconduct penalty. When this type of conduct occurs after expiration of the game, on or off the ice, the game-misconduct penalty can be applied without the necessity of having previously assessed a minor or bench-minor penalty.

Match Penalty - A player or team official who threatens, makes racial or ethnic slurs, spits, smears blood, or makes sexual remarks to any person will be assessed a match penalty.

The MOL League's Disciplinary Committee will continue to penalize the participants, who question the integrity of referees, insults, threatening them, or make any physical contact with them, with the most stringent sanctions.

The Disciplinary Commitee suspends Garrett CLARKE, the ASC Corona BRASOV player for 2 matches.

Garrett CLARKE was imposed Match Penalty (MATCH) during the game.


A match penalty carries with it an automatic (and minimum) one-game suspension.

Garrett CLARKE will skip +1 match of his team. The player will spend down his sentence at the next MOL League matches.