/ 2020.01.16. 20:56 |

JKH GKS Jastrzebie are Visegrád Cup Champions

With JKH GKS Jastrzębie and HK Nitra playing a 2-2 draw in the second leg of the Visegrád Cup finals the Polish side were crowd cup champions thanks to a one goal win in the first leg.
/ 2020.01.08. 21:10 |

Jastrzebie is one step closer to Visergrád Cup title

JKH GKS Jastrzebie took a one goal win home from Nitra in the first leg of the Visegrád Cup Finals.
/ 2019.11.19. 21:43 |

Nitra advances to Visegrád Cup Finals

HK Nitra shutout HC RT Torax as they advanced to the Visegrád Cup Finals where they will be taking on Polish club JKH GKS Jastrzebie.
/ 2019.11.14. 21:29 |

Nitra takes first leg of the Semi Finals

Nitra got past HC RT Torax Poruba in the first leg of the Visegrád Cup semi finals.
/ 2019.11.03. 20:43 |

JKH GKS Jastrzebie moves on to the Finals

JKH GKS Jastrzębie defeats GKS Katowice by one goal to move on to the Visegrád Cup Finals by the score of 5-2 in total goals.
/ 2019.11.02. 21:02 |

JKH GKS Jastrzębie takes the first leg of the semifinals

The Polish derby that is one of the semifinal pairings in the Visegrád Cup started this weekend as JKH GKS Jastrzębie took game one 2-0 against GKS Katowice.

/ 2019.10.29. 21:34 |

HC RT Torax Poruba gets past FTC-Telekom in the Visegrád Cup Semi Finals

Czech side HC RT Torax Poruba became the fourth semi final team in the Visegrád Cup.
/ 2019.10.15. 22:03 |

Busy day in the Visegrád Cup

Three out of the four semi final match ups have come to a close as GKS Katowice, JKH GKS Jastrzębie and HK Nitra have on to the semi finals.