/ 2019.09.06. 21:19 |

Katowice wins last group stage game

The Visegrád Cup group stage has come two an end with Katowice winning the last game against FTC-Telekom 4-2.
/ 2019.09.03. 21:15 |

JKH GKS Jastrzębie wins by one

With the one goal win over FTC-Telekom, Jastrzębie became the only team to go undefeated in the group stage of the Visegrád Cup this season.
/ 2019.08.31. 20:54 |

Podhale Nowy Targ gets past UTE in OT

Nowy Targ ahd a come from behind win as they picked up the two out of three points in the OT win over UTE.
/ 2019.08.30. 20:25 |

Jastrzębie defeat Nitra

Nitra lost in the Visegrád Cup for the first time this season with staying undefeated.

/ 2019.08.27. 20:41 |

Poruba and Nitra both pick up wins in the Visegrád Cup

HK Nitra squeezed past GKS Katowice in a tight game with HC TR Torax picking up a big win over UTE.
/ 2019.08.24. 20:40 |

Nowy Targ defeats Detva at home

Detva lost for the first time this season in the Visegrád Cup with Nowy Targ winning for the first time.
/ 2019.08.23. 21:45 |

Nitra picks up first win in the Visegrád Cup

Both HK Nitra and FTC-Telekom played their first Viegrád Cup game of the season, with the Slovak club taking the close game.
/ 2019.08.21. 20:55 |

First Czech Win in the Visegrád Cup

Poruba as the first team from the Czech Republic defeated Nowy Targ in the first ever Czech Republic win the Visegrád Cup.