/ 2019.08.27. 20:41 |

Poruba and Nitra both pick up wins in the Visegrád Cup

HK Nitra squeezed past GKS Katowice in a tight game with HC TR Torax picking up a big win over UTE.
/ 2019.08.24. 20:40 |

Nowy Targ defeats Detva at home

Detva lost for the first time this season in the Visegrád Cup with Nowy Targ winning for the first time.
/ 2019.08.23. 21:45 |

Nitra picks up first win in the Visegrád Cup

Both HK Nitra and FTC-Telekom played their first Viegrád Cup game of the season, with the Slovak club taking the close game.
/ 2019.08.21. 20:55 |

First Czech Win in the Visegrád Cup

Poruba as the first team from the Czech Republic defeated Nowy Targ in the first ever Czech Republic win the Visegrád Cup.
/ 2019.08.20. 20:17 |

Detva picks up big win in the Visegrád Cup

Slovak side HC 07 Detva defeated UTE by the score of 6-1 to stay undefeated in the group stage of the Visegrád Cup.
/ 2019.08.16. 20:14 |

Jastrzebie defeated in the Friday night Polish derby

The Visegrad Cup started for two more teams as Jastzebie won against Katowice by the score of 3-0.
/ 2019.08.13. 20:00 |

Detva takes opening game on home ice

In the first game of the 2019-20 Visegrád season Detva defeated Poruba on home ice by the score of 3-1.

/ 2019.08.06. 10:12 |

Visegrád Cup ready to start third season

The third addition of the Visegrád Cup will be starting an August on Wednesday August 13th. This season will have teams from four different countries competing for the cup.