2017.08.03. |
The Hungarian and Slovak Ice Hockey Federations co-created the Visegrád Cup in 2017 and will come to life in August. The Visegrad name is symbolic which goes back to 1335 when Karl Robert, King of Hungary called together the rulers of the surrounding empires for the first time. These original Visegrad countries have worked together almost 700 years that have passed in the Central European geopolitical climate. In recent years these countries have decided to work together in the field of ice hockey, with Slovakia and Hungary taking the first steps.

The early goal of this tournament the two countries to play a high level of hockey, and to take the sport in a new direction. In the long run the goal is to have a competitive tournament in which teams from the Czech Republic and Poland to be involved as well. For the upcoming season there will be four of the top Hungarian and Slovak teams will be competing in the group stage. This will be followed by the knockout stage as teams go for gold.