Visegrad Cup will continue

2018.07.01. 08:00 |

Last season had the inaugural edition of the Visegrad Cup, the tournament will be back this coming season, with some changes. Instead of eight teams there will only be six teams. Dunaújváros and Ferencváros will be participating for the first time.

During the 2017-18 season there were four Hungarian and four Slovak teams competing for the cup. Hungary was represented by Fehérvár AV19, DVTK Jegesmedvék, MAC Budapest and UTE, with the four Slovak teams being HK Nitra, MsHK Zilina, HK Poprad and HC Nové Zamky. There were two groups with teams playing the four teams from the other country. With the knockout stage following as the first place team would play the fourth place team from the other group and the second place teams playing the third place teams.

HK Nitra defeated DVTK for the first title. This coming season there will be one six team group where each team plays everyone else and who ever is left at the top of the standings will be declared the champions.

The following teams will be participating in the tournament:
Hungary: UTE, Ferencvárosi TC, Dunaújvárosi Acélbikák
Slovakia: HK Nitra, HK Poprad, HC Nové Zámky